how to beat the flu


It’s not every weekend that all your best friends convene in your home city of Chicago! Last weekend one of my best friend’s from high school got married. The ceremony was in my neighborhood and the reception was literally across the street from my apartment at the gorgeous London House Hotel. As a Lyme warrior, travel tends to stress and wear me out, so to have all of the festivities to celebrate two of my favorite people right in my hood is a HUGE perk.

To gear up for the weekend of festivities, I visited IVme Wellness + Performance in River North, Chicago for some personalized IV hydration therapy (this was my first experience with this type of therapy). My energy levels have been better in the past month, but it couldn’t hurt to give my body a little extra love through fluids, vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen therapy. The benefits are supposed to last for 1 to 2 days.

Following the IV therapy and B12 super shot, I had more energy in the next 24 hours than I’ve had in the past month and was finally been able to function like a normal human being! I went with a Myer’s IV cocktail to enhance my immune system and reduce fatigue.

My IV therapy “cocktail” ingredients included magnesium + calcium + vitamin C and B + a B12 shot + oxygen + glutathione.

The use of a drip directly into the bloodstream bypasses the digestive system and allows for 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who’s gearing up for an intense weekend or feeling a little under the weather.

The wedding weekend was an absolute success, but unfortunately, I shortly thereafter came down with the flu. Lyme disease has seriously compromised my immune system and I’m guessing my weak immune system just fell victim to all the commotion. Fortunately, since being diagnosed with Lyme disease in February 2018, this was the first time that I've been sick with the actual flu (this is likely because I've spent most of the past year in social isolation!). Good news is that it was just a normal flu, although it’s lingering much longer than I would like – but this is to be expected with such a weak immune system.  

Given that it seems like a lot of people are sick or coming down with something, I thought I'd share some of my tips to boost my immune system and keep those sick days at bay!


Citrus fruits, yogurt, almonds, garlic, ginger, turmeric, oregano, and cayenne. To prepare for the days when I'm too sick to cook, I make a lot of soups and throw in plenty of garlic and spices. I also make sure to throw plenty of ginger into my morning smoothies. 


I admit these do not taste great... like I have to pinch my nose to finish these – I hate turmeric. I immediately start sweating after I down these wellness shots! My favorite is Joe and the Juice’s herb tonic (turmeric, ginger, pineapple, red bell pepper, black pepper and apple), followed by Vive Organic’s wellness shots at Whole Foods (I love drinking these prior to flights).  


I take vitamin C daily and zinc when I'm starting to feel sick - check out "cold remedy" at CVS - super cheap and effective. 


The antiviral drug that saved me from the depths of the flu this week. It's most effective if started within 48 hours of the onset of your flu symptoms. Note - it does require a prescription.


The best warm and nutrient-dense beverage to soothe the throat and body! Rich in vitamins like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, bone broth helps restore the immune system, heal the gut, and reduce inflammation. Check out Bonafide Provision's organic bone broth


Lately, I’ve been really stepping up my water intake. I’ve found that drinking through a straw (glass, of course) makes it much easier to drink more fluids! When I’m fighting the flu, I aim for a minimum of 12 ounces of water six times a day. For extra healing benefits, add one tablespoon of Manuka honey, a squeeze of lemon, a touch of fresh grated ginger, and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 


Faking your body into thinking it has a fever is only to be done prior to having an actual fever. To detox the Lyme, I visit my infrared sauna at @revitalab three times a week, but this has doubled as a way to sweat out the fever. Drawing a bath with water as hot as you can handle and drinking the ACV/honey drink mentioned above is an at-home option. Lastly, drink a big tall glass of water to replenish your body of fluids.


I’ve been meaning to buy a humidifier to help combat winter’s dry air, but for the time being, I diffuse water in my essential oil diffuser from Saje Natural Wellness. This is my favorite diffuser that creates a soothing atmosphere! 


This seems obvious, but just take it easy. Don't push yourself to work out, squeeze in a 20-minute power nap, and go to bed earlier. Sleep is the best natural way to heal our bodies! Our bodies need rest, so don't feel guilty about doing "nothing." 

Please note that these are just tips that work for me and not meant to replace or substitute the advice of a medical professional.

Happy healing!